PRESS RELEASE - January 31, 2022

Generali and Turgot AM choose IZNES to optimize their real estate fund transactions via blockchain

As a shareholder and user of IZNES, Generali has placed its first subscription orders for shares in Turgot AM's SCI ViaGénérations via the platform. In addition to mutual funds, the continued deployment of the IZNES solution for real estate fund units confirms its added value: a completely digitalized process that replaces manual processes and paper.


IZNES, the first pan-European platform for processing mutual fund transactions using blockchain technology, offers a complete solution for asset management companies and their investor clients, from the moment the relationship is entered to the moment the record is kept. The technological revolution of blockchain allows investors to be directly connected to management companies in a short circuit. Reducing operational risks, improving process efficiency, ensuring transaction security and providing a benchmark customer experience: these are all promises kept by IZNES and its fund share subscription/redemption platform. This new model, which is active in mutual funds, FIAs and SCIs, continues to be deployed in other types of real estate products, demonstrating its ability to innovate and differentiate from historical practices.

For Christophe Lepitre, President of IZNES: "Choosing IZNES means choosing innovation today to define the standard of tomorrow. The players who join us have understood this and are followed by many others. The innovation movement in fund distribution is underway. The IZNES solution is part of the new financial ecosystem that is being set up and meets its economic, regulatory, environmental and human requirements."

Rémi Cuinat, Director of Unit-Linked Assets at Generali France and member of the IZNES Board, said: "The IZNES platform is being implemented in our asset management processes at a steady pace. After mutual fund operations, which have been in production since June, the processing of subscriptions/redemptions of SCI shares is an undeniable step forward in the optimization of our operations, by digitizing the entire processing chain, which is an incomparable advantage of the platform for this type of fund. Saving time, reducing operational risks, digitizing data flows, etc., this solution allows the insurer and the asset manager to open up new prospects for the distribution of SCIs as units of account."

For Thibault Corvaisier, Director of Real Estate Management - SCI ViaGénérations - Turgot AM: "We are also forerunners, SCI ViaGénérations is today the first life fund in the sector and has been the most popular unit of account on the market with our partner insurers for the past two years. The choice of the IZNES solution is part of the "digital" culture of Turgot AM which fuels our success and allows us to serenely support our growth."



IZNES was born from the desire to create the first European platform for buying and selling European mutual funds on blockchain for institutional clients, compatible with the various marketing channels. IZNES currently has seven asset management companies, a life insurer and a social protection group as shareholders. Thanks to blockchain technology, this solution makes it very easy to buy or sell mutual fund shares directly from management companies, while offering the highest standard of security. IZNES was approved as an investment firm in June 2020.Since its operational launch in March 2019, the IZNES platform has met with great success and has processed nearly €28 billion in transactions at the end of September 2021. This solution, made available to asset management companies and their institutional investor clients, fully digitizes the client journey, from the initial contact to order placement and record keeping.

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Today, Generali France is one of the leading insurers in France, offering a complete range of insurance solutions (health, provident, assistance, property and liability), asset savings and asset management to more than 7.4 million people. Established in France since 1832, Generali France relies on the know-how and expertise of its 9,000 employees and its networks of commercial intermediaries, agents, brokers and partners to be a partner to its customers throughout their lives. As a company committed to a global CSR approach, Generali France supports its clients in their efforts to achieve a more responsible, sustainable and inclusive economy through solutions that are perfectly in line with the social and environmental challenges of today's world.

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Turgot AM is an independent asset management company founded in Paris in 2008 and registered with the AMF under number GP-08000055. Turgot AM manages a range of products invested in the main markets (equities, bonds and real estate) on behalf of private and institutional clients. Turgot AM is part of the Turgot Capital Group, which manages €1,155 million in assets as of January 15, 2022.

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