Our CSR approach

IZNES raises the stakes of Corporate Social Responsability at the heart of its development strategy by applying good CSR practices in its activities and management.


IZNES is aware of the ecological issues at stake and, more specifically, of the impact of our activities on the environment. We are committed to deploying the necessary resources to continuously improve the impact of our CSR strategy and, in particular, to reduce our energy footprint.

To meet these commitments, IZNES is implementing measures to :
▪ Preventing and minimising our environmental impact on a daily basis, in particular by reducing our energy consumption and encouraging the recycling and recovery of waste ;
▪ Comply with national and international environmental legal and regulatory requirements ;
▪ Integrate responsible resource management practices into daily activities ;
▪ Continuously apply and update the environmental management system ;
▪ Raise staff awareness of the environmental management system by providing appropriate training and involving them in actions to
▪ Promote an effective environmental management system to all stakeholders (service providers, shareholders, etc.).

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For more information on our Carbon Footprint, please contact our Environmental Manager at [email protected]

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Social & Societal

Ethics, social responsibility, respect for the individual and transparency are the fundamental values of IZNES in the conduct of its activities. IZNES has drawn up an Ethics Charter which defines the principles and values to which the company adheres and which must guide each employee in the day-to-day practice of his or her profession.

IZNES commits to ensure that the rules are respected and applied for itselfand its main subcontractors and/or providers:
Refrain from using child labour or any other form of forced labour or mandatory, in accordance with the standards of
the Inter
national Labour Organisation
Refrain from any form of discrimination within your company or in respect of its subcontractors;
Ensuring the safety of staff and third parties;
Employ their employees in accordance with laws and regulations;
Respect the environment during of the conception, the production, the use and disposal or recycling of their product(s) and minimise any negative impact on the environment in accordance with all the standards , nationals, europeans and internationals, relating to public health legislation and environment,
Avoid throughout any execution of contract any form of bribery of any kind

In addition to its Ethics Charter, IZNES has drawn up a Code of Ethics reminding employees of all the rules and recommendations applicable to the company's activities, in accordance with the provisions laid down by the following associations
de place et instances régulatrices.

Our Actions


In 2022, IZNES has chosen to participate, alongside other local companies, in the planting of 18,000 trees spread over two plots of land in the town of Chelles. Future refuges for biodiversity, natural areas and cool havens for residents, these future forest islands will extend over a combined area of more than 6,000m2, with one plot in a natural zone and one in the heart of a residential area.


In 2023, IZNES once again confirms its commitment to the environment and sustainability by participating in the reforestation projects carried by EcoTree France, major player in the restoring natural capital !

IZNES is taking part in the Montplonne Forest reforestation project (55). The project aims to plant and sustainably manage a forest comprising a total of 64,093 trees, with the aim of preserving and restoring natural carbon sinks.

GoodPlanet Foundation

IZNES contributes 136.36 tonne(s) of CO2 equivalent to global carbon neutrality by funding projects accredited by the GoodPlanet Foundation.

In 2023, IZNES confirms its commitment to the GoodPlanet Foundation by contributing 160.00 tonnes of CO2 equivalent to the projects launched by the foundation.

Our contribution has made it possible to finance a global portfolio of Goodplanet Foundation projects focusing on 2 themes: access to renewable energy and composting of household waste.

The GoodPlanet Foundation supports, via the voluntary carbon offsetting mechanism, projects led by entities with a social aim (NGOs, cooperatives, small businesses, etc.), i.e.
projects in line with an approach based on international solidarity and the general interest.

Their voluntary carbon offset projects are systematically assessed and registered with the most demanding international labels, in particular the Gold Standard (GS) and Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS).

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